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Ludwig van Beethoven




BHC loudspeakers are the brainchild of the people behind Old School Hifi who were looking for loudspeakers that can integrate with classic old school audio set-ups as wel as modern ones. This really was a challenge, since a real synergy with both way’s of listning to music is almost impossible. After severaal trial and errors we found a very reliable partner in Germany which builds these loudspeakers in the traditionla way by hand and ears for us: Thomas Blumenhofer of Blumenhofer Acoustics! In September 2017 we introduced the first model of the BHC line in the Netherlands, after this first introduction they are already nicknamed ”BlumenHofer Classics”


As a second event we participated with our partner van den Hul BV at the New Music High End Innovation Show in Brussels on the 18th and 19th of November. This was (until now) the greatest succes! Some of the comments as we got during this show and have seen on the internet:


”Het beste van heel de show”        


 ”Mais qu’est ce que c’était que ce système de dingue? J suis arrivé dans cette pièce pour y faire ma première écoute du salon, ils y jouaient Fever, grosse claque, toutes les autres écoutes m’ont parue fades”       


” Van alle kamers heb ik het langst naar die set-up zitten luisteren. Prachtig gewoon!”             


”Een natte droom”          


”Zoals stond te spelen op een hifi beurs tussen alle streaming en active luidsprekers. Speelde alles op een hoopje….”         


”Na deze set te hebben gehoord, was de rest van de beurs kansloos!”            


”By far the absolute best sound of the show”



Looking at all these comments we have no doubt, we are on the right track!





BHC Acoustics Model 1733, a prototype, it will officially be introduced early 2018



BHC Acoustics Model 1743 as found in our demo room in Hoek van Holland


The BHC speaker-line will come in a serie of 3 models, starting with our ”Benjamin” which will be known as Model 1722. This  is a 2 unit, 2 way system which will need an additional small foot to bring it to the right hight. This model’s bigger brother will be known as Model 1733, a 3 unit 3 way system loudspeaker with a 16 inch bass unit and will only kneel dow for the top of the line, Model 1743. This top model is a 4 unit, 3 way system which comes with two 16 inch woofers, one 12 inch midrange and a true horn-tweeter in each cabinet. Because of the space that is needed for these kind of loudspeakers we can deliver 2 versions of the 1743, the ”W” or wide version, build in the traditional way with the 16 inch woofers next to each other, and a ”T” or Tall version, which is less wide, but taler, this version has the woofers build in on top of each other.


With the old school Vintage look, incredible wood-finishes and great sound we think we can speak of ”a Modern Classic” in the making…