Marasakino Sumile products

The Sumile:


As a low-impedance MC cartridge, Sumile’s impedance is only 1.2Ω.
Producing a low-impedance cartridge is fairly simple because the impedance is kept
low by reducing the number of turns in the coil.


However, fewer coil turns also reduce output voltage, which has to be compensated
for by larger amplification. In addition, noise problems are more likely to occur.
But Sumile solves these problems by maintaining low impedance while ensuring
sufficient output voltage.



Stainless steel is renowned for its stable sound quality and has been incorporated into
products such as tonearms (and some cartridges) by many manufacturers.
Compared to aluminum, stainless steel is more rigid and harder to process, but the
high-quality result makes the difficulty worthwhile. Sumile creates a sound that is just not possible for aluminum.


But not stopping there, we bring Sumile to perfection by gold plating the processed
stainless steel. Gold plating not only coats and protects the stainless steel but also improves the over
all sound quality. Gold plating Sumile was inspired by how various platings on wind instruments
transform and improve their sound.