TRAFOMATIC Pandora review on 6MOONS!

  For a period of several weeks Henk and Marja (Dutch reviewers for 6MOONS) lived with the TRAFOMATIC Pandora Mono amps and Lara pre-amp. To find out what these weeks were like, use the link below.         Enjoy...         The Trafomatic Pandora and Lara amplifiers as used in the review can be found exclusivly for the Netherlands at    in … [Read more...]

15 Inch Per Seconde

Tijdens het weekend van 8- en 9 december 2018 presenteren Music2, Q-Analogue en STS Records u:   15 IPS!     Analoge weergave in haar puurste vorm, mastertapes afgedraaid op de snelheid van 15 inch per seconde! Ervaar het verschil van dezelfde opname, afgespeeld via CD, LP en Tape, u zult versteld staan!   Voor de puristen (of nieuwsgierigen onder u), er zullen deze … [Read more...]

A New Star is Born!

  It started as a one time project for private use: an affordable, true high-end pure Class A integrated Single Ended tube amplifier. Based upon the classic ARIES, combined with some of the best transformers Trafomatic could build for this amplifier made the result beyond expectations...       The sophisticated looks, the relatively small footprint and the beautiful … [Read more...]