High-End 2019 news and pre-views

It has become some sort of a tradition by now: for those who visit the High-End Audio Show in Munich we invite you to drop by at the Blumenhofer Acoustics factory for some special demo's, a factory tour, and, according to insiders, the best coffee in Germany. If you are able to drop by we promise you some very special demonstrations: our main set-up will be the Blumenhofer Classic 1743 … [Read more...]

A New Star is Born!

  It started as a one time project for private use: an affordable, true high-end pure Class A integrated Single Ended tube amplifier. Based upon the classic ARIES, combined with some of the best transformers Trafomatic could build for this amplifier made the result beyond expectations...       The sophisticated looks, the relatively small footprint and the beautiful … [Read more...]

And the Winner is….

 Rondsurfend op het WWW, lezend in de (vak)bladen, we doen het allemaal. Met al deze, vandaag de dag zeer toegankelijke, media zien we soms door de bomen het bos niet meer. De ene lovende review na de nog spectaculair veel meer belovende, het kan bijna niet meer op. Vaak valt ook op dat de heftigst adverterende merken wel extreem op handen wordt gedragen in diezelfde reviewende media, een … [Read more...]