A New Star is Born!

  It started as a one time project for private use: an affordable, true high-end pure Class A integrated Single Ended tube amplifier. Based upon the classic ARIES, combined with some of the best transformers Trafomatic could build for this amplifier made the result beyond expectations...       The sophisticated looks, the relatively small footprint and the beautiful … [Read more...]

Nieuw van TRAFOMATIC, de Coleman Editions nu verkrijgbaar

Als eerste Trafomatic distributeur in de wereld hebben wij ze in huis, de ''Coleman Editions'' van de Evolution lijn! Via een speciale rubbercoating (wat de Coleman Edition op wat kleine modificaties intern na behelst) worden zo goed als alle eventueel nog aanwezige resonanties volledig gedempt wat wederom een beter geluidsbeeld oplevert. Bijkomend voordeel, deze coating in Topaz Silk Brown is ook … [Read more...]

OCTAVE 3-P digital filter available from the 12th of June

    It is almost impossible to find modern hi-fi systems lacking some level of digital signal processing today. The classic CD player has largely become obsolete, having been replaced by Internet-based sources, supplemented with hard disk storage media. This evolution means that signal connections to a network at the digital level are necessary to enable the interaction of the … [Read more...]