A New Star is Born!


It started as a one time project for private use: an affordable, true high-end pure Class A integrated Single Ended tube amplifier. Based upon the classic ARIES, combined with some of the best transformers Trafomatic could build for this amplifier made the result beyond expectations…




The sophisticated looks, the relatively small footprint and the beautiful black piano finish makes it also a true eye-catcher, an amplifier future owners can be very proud of.




Weapon of choise for this Masterpiece: the 6L6 GC tube! It only delivers 6 Watts per channel, but every 6 of these Watts counts in an unbelievable way. Chosen by many guitarplayers for their rich, warm, crispy and musical sound the 6L6 GC tubes make this amplifier an absolute Star and a must have for every true music lover!





The Trafomatic ARIES SE will only be available in any RAL finish, in limited numbers  from January 2019 on, price is set at €3.900,=